Build Green

Building a greener home means more value for your family. Our homes are designed and constructed to give you a more efficient and comfortable house with less maintenance, more durability and healthier products to preserve the environment and your pocketbook.

Home Energy Rating System

We started certifying our homes with the HERS (Home Energy Rating System) Index more than a decade ago. The HERS Index assesses the energy efficiency of a home and assigns it a relative performance score.

The lower the HERS number, the more energy efficient the home. A typical resale home has a score of 130 and most new homes have a score of 100. A standard Trigon home has a score of 65. This means that your new Trigon home is 35% more efficient than other new homes!

Building a healthier, more energy efficient home is easy with the many green features standard in a Trigon home.

  • Sealed Thermal Envelope: Prevents heat transfer between your home and the environment and eliminates drafts.
  • High Performance Appliances: Energy Star appliances ensure lower utility costs
  • Duct Work: Protected during construction to preserve air quality. Sealed to maximize comfort and efficiency.
  • Faucets: Low Flow faucets tosave water.
  • Advanced Framing Techniques: Conserves natural resources, reduces waste, and enhances structural performance.
  • Roof overhangs: Helps prevent water intrusion into your home.
  • Roof venting: Passive roof venting helps stabilize attic temperatures without added system costs.
  • LED Lighting: Longer lasting bulbs that use less energy and save money.
  • Low E Windows: Helps deflect and block UV sunlight, while Argon gas between the window panes helps insulate.
  • Programmable Thermostats: Lower energy costs by having automatic settings for when you areat home and away.
  • Go the extra step with options like tankless water heaters, foam insulation, solar panels, and more.