Pathway to

Step 1


Work with our team to identify the right lot for you. This could be one of the lots we own, a lot list for sale that we will buy for you, or a lot you already own.

You’ll also determine the right floor plan whether it is one from our catalog or a plan you already have. Discuss the options you’re considering in your home, especially structural options.

Step 2


You’ll sit down with us to review and sign the contract for your specific house type on the specific lot you want. You’ll want to include all the options you identified previously. At this time you’ll also need an approval letter from your lender and your earnest money deposit.

Step 3

Plan & Design

Once we have a signed contract we will prepare plans for your home with your specific options. Prior to setting up a meeting we will email a PDF copy of these preliminary plans for you to review. The plans will show the structural options included in your contract. Take the opportunity to review and discuss the plans in the quiet of your home before meeting with your design representative.

Step 4


After you have reviewed the preliminary plans you’ll meet with your design representative. During this meeting you’ll examine the plans, begin the selection process, discuss additional options, and review the next steps.

This meeting encompasses a lot of information on nearly all aspects of the job. Preparing questions in advance as well as bringing ideas and photos of designs you like will make the meeting as productive as possible.

Step 5


Since every home we build is unique many aspects of your home will require individualized pricing. Depending on how many options you are considering and how complex they are, it can take a few weeks to a few months to have all the pricing and changes in place.

Prior to our final design meeting we’ll send you pricing and plans to review at home that will allow you to make decisions on the full scope of the project.

Step 6


Once you have reviewed all the aspect of your new home and sent us decisions on your options, we’ll schedule a meeting to finalize all the paperwork on your plans, options and selections. It’s important that all documents be finalized since every home is unique. The plans will need to be approved by you before we can apply for building permits and the pricing will need to be finalized before you can have your new home appraised.

Step 7


After all the paperwork is approved Trigon will prepare your homeplans for permits. How long it takes to obtain permits depends greatly on where you are building. Different localities have different requirements for the permit process. While we are waiting on the permits, you will need to contact your lenderto haveyour new home appraised. Usually, this requires payment of an upfront fee to the lender.

Step 8

Site Meeting

Before we pour your foundation we’ll meet you on site to show you the location for your new home. Ground breaking depends on a number of factors including the number of homes already in the schedule, the permits, the weather, and availability of labor and materials.

Step 9


You’ll be contacted throughout the construction with updates on the progress of your home. Before we hang the drywall we will schedule an onsite meeting to tour the site. It is the opportunity to see the quality behind the walls and confirm that features and options have been installed appropriately. The construction time for your home can vary depending on many several factors including the types of finishes you select, the availability of productsor labor, and weather to name a few. We are as eager as you to see your new home finished.

Step 10

Final Walk

About a week before settlement we’ll schedule a final walk thru on your home. We’ll review the various systems and features of your home. This is also your opportunity to confirm the craftsmanship before settlement.

Step 11


We’ll need county approvals before you can move into your new home. The number and timing of different county inspections varies by locality, but settlement can’t occur without a certificate of occupancy (C of O) for your new home. Your lender will also need to do inspections.

Once we have the C of O and your lender has prepared all the documents to finalize the purchaser, you will sit down with the settlement agent to review and sign all the paper work. After that you will have keys to your new home!

Step 12

Home Care

After your move into your new home you have the assurance of Trigon's warranty. The structure of your home is covered for the next 10 years, and the systems are covered for the first year. Even though your home is built to be low maintenance, there is some routine maintenance you’ll need to perform to preserve your homes beauty and function.

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